Monday, December 5, 2011

Not Me Monday: Our Tree

I used to participate pretty regularly with a NOT ME MONDAY Blog Group.

I haven't participated in awhile, and it is not because I have stopped doing stupid things, it is because I stopped admitting them...  :-D

Today, I need to admit, what would never happen to me when buying and setting up our Christmas tree this year.

Chris and I bought a tree permit from the National Forest Service to chop down our own Christmas tree.  I would never insist that my hubby and I head out to chop down the tree Friday night, in the dark with our black puppy.  I would wait for the day light.  In fairness, Chris had to do grad school all weekend and so I wanted to get the tree Friday night so I wouldn't interrupt his studying all weekend.  But, no, I would not insist that we head into the forest of the Rockies to cut down a Christmas tree in the dark, cold night.

Furthermore, once we are "not" out in the dark trying to find a tree, we would not bring a chain saw that we had never actually started before.  So, when we chose a tree and were ready to cut it down, we did not find ourselves in the middle of the forest, in the dark, with a chain saw that would not turn on.

After we did not give up and leave the forest with a non-working chain saw, and without a Christmas tree, we would not just completely give up on the idea of the National Forest tree and buy a pre-cut tree from the boy scout stand near our house.

After we brought our boy scout tree home, and bought a tree stand for it, we set up the tree.  In setting up the tree, we would certainly not screw the tree into the stand, realize that the tree was too small for the stand, figure that the stand would work anyways and then act surprised when the tree fell over while I was adding lights to it.  That would never happen in our house!

Finally, we finagled the tree into a more secure hold in the tree stand and we were able to successfully hang lights, ornaments and tinsel without the tree falling over.  SUCCESS!

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