Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Party Friday: Christmas Sweets

I am very excited about Christy's new Christmas blog party each week...


This week is about Christmas Sweets and I have to confess, while I love to cook and bake, I don't do much baking around Christmas.  I enjoy my mom's Christmas sweets and I plan to back goodies someday... but I spend my Christmas energies other ways like decorating, gifts and sending Christmas cards.


This year, though, for Thanksgiving, I made a recipe for our dinner that was my grandmother's recipe and it's a recipe that our family serves at both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

Nangie's Cranberry Sorbet

I am not going to reveal the recipe... but I will include some components

First you boil cranberries and then strain the cranberries through a mesh strainer, using a spatula on the bottom to get as much through as possible -- this takes time.

All that's left in the strainer is the cranberry fruit

The strained cranberry sauce needs to cool and then mix it with a secret ingredient 

When it's cooked, spread it into a cake pan and the sauce goes into the freezer to become a slush...

When the sauce is just about slushy, time to start whipping cream

Then the whipped cream goes into the cranberry slush

Time to fold them together

A little at a time

Until the slush becomes a beautiful light pink color
Beautiful pink

When its completely mixed, pour into a sorbet container and put in the freezer until serving with Christmas dinner (can be frozen for a few months) 

 My grandmother and mother served it in crystal goblets on the table and it adds beautiful pink color through the crystal dish... my Thanksgiving table did not have crystal goblets

 I used colored mugs for the sorbet

Our centerpiece in a beautiful bowl that was a wedding present

I was really proud of our Thanksgiving table with our wedding China, crystal glasses, silver flatware and beautiful linens... even without crystal goblet's for Nangie's sorbet

What are favorite Christmas recipes around your home?
Visit Christy's blog to share.

P.S.  If anyone sees this recipe and just HAS to make it for your Christmas dinner, email me and I will reveal the secret ingredient and further details of the recipe:


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  1. that sounds delicious! I love sorbet!!! now we just need to to spill the beans on that secret ingredient! ;)

  2. How fun! It looks delicious. Sorbet is just so yummy. I adore that it is a family tradition...that makes it even more special.

    Thanks for joining Brooke!

    (your Thanksgiving table was lovely!)

  3. Brooke~ All looks so wonderful. My mom made Pink Lady Salad that is very yummy and pink too that we served in crystal dishes. My mom went to live with Jesus nine years ago and this Thanksgiving was very emotional for me to make her Pink Lady Salad for the first time since hr passing to Dear Jesus. We made it with whole cranberry sauce and whipping cream and a few other favorites go ito it. In the end it is delightful with nuts, marshmellows, pineapple and a few other great things! Love reading about your favorite things!

  4. That sounds so good. Please email me the secret ingredient. I would love to make that for our Christmas dinner.
    Thanks friend!

  5. Hello! I'm joining you from Christy's party... such a beautiful peek at your Thanksgiving table and an intriguing dessert. (Don't have a clue what the secret ingredient is, but it looks yummy!) I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!


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