Saturday, December 10, 2011

Congrats, Hubs!

Our house has been grad school central for basically the past four weeks except when our families were visiting.

My wonderful hubby is working on his masters degree in special education through University of Northern Colorado's online program.  He works his full-time teaching job, he's a newlywed husband, AND he's taking a FULL course load of online classes.

He's a teacher; He's a student; He's a husband; He's SUPERMAN!
Even since Thanksgiving, the story at our house has been GRAD SCHOOL FINALS and ONLY GRAD SCHOOL FINALS.

Well, his LAST assignment was turned in at midnight last night.  HURRAY!

It has been with great tenacity, and determination and very little sleep that he has accomplished the end of this semester.

Can you tell by his face that he teaches middle schoolers?
Can you tell by our house that its finals week?

I tell you, I think it might be easier to do grad school myself, than support my hubby in doing grad school.  I have tried to anticipate his food needs, made sure he has the caffeine he needs, tried to make him feel like he wasn't alone in his hours of studying and prayed like crazy.  I don't remember my own graduate degrees being this challenging...  :-D

Last night was pretty adorable.  Chris was completely his LAST assignment, under the clock to get it turned it.  I was rubbing his back (I fall asleep when my back is rubbed, but he stays awake when his is rubbed), Lexie was on the table where he was working watching him, and Lloyd was asleep next to his chair -- literally our entire family was hanging in with Chris to finish this last assignment.

"I'll help, Dad!"
"I'll help too, Dad.  I'll sleep for you, while you're working late!"
This weekend will be a combination of celebration and recovery!

"I don't know how much more of this hard work I can take!"
I am so proud of you, Hubby!  Time to enjoy a well deserved break!

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  1. That is so great! Congrats and much happiness sent your way! I know it is hard. I just had my Associates graduation this last summer. Again, Congrats!


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