Friday, December 30, 2011

Bowl Picks

This week and the week following January 1st marks the end of football season for another year -- and it is so sad!

Since I have been at my in-laws this week, I have not seen as many bowl games as past years, but I did catch the Notre Dame v. Florida State and the Washington v. Baylor games last night and both were very exciting.

On Saturday, Chris and I will be celebrating the end of football season by attending the LIBERTY BOWL in Memphis, TN to watch the Vanderbilt Commodores CLOBBER Cincinnati.  We are so excited!  It is the 3rd time Vandy has been to a bowl game in the past 50 years (I went to their more recent bowl appearance 3 years ago and they won!  They're bowl appearance prior to the one 3 years ago was in 1956 (I think)).  Chris has never attended a College Bowl Game or even a College Football Game.  We are SO excited.

As for the remaining bowl games, here are my picks:

12/30/11 BYU v. Tulsa
My Pick: Tulsa
12/30/11 Iowa State v. Rutgers
My Pick: Iowa State
12/30/11 Wake Forest v. Mississippi State
My Pick: Mississippi State
12/30/11 Iowa v. Oklahoma
My Pick: Iowa
12/31/11 Northwestern v. Texas A&M
My Pick: Northwestern
12/31/11 Georgia Tech v. Utah
My Pick: Georgia Tech
12/31/11 Cincinnati v. Vanderbilt
12/31/11 Illinois v. UCLA
My Pick: Illinois
12/31/11 Virginia v. Auburn
My Pick: Auburn
1/2/12 Penn State v. Houston
My Pick: Penn State
1/2/12 Michigan State v. Georgia
My Pick: Michigan State
1/2/12 Nebraska v. South Carolina
My Pick: Nebraska
1/2/12 Ohio State v. Florida
My Pick: Ohio State
1/2/12 Wisconsin v. Oregon
My Pick: Wisconsin
1/2/12 Oklahoma State v. Stanford
My Pick: Stanford
1/4/12 Clemson v. West Virginia
My Pick: West Virginia
1/6/12 Kansas State v. Arkansas
My Pick: Arkansas
1/7/12 Pittsburgh v. SMU
My Pick: Pittsburgh
1/8/12 Northern Illinois v. Arkansas State
My Pick: Northern Illinois
1/9/12 LSU v. Alabama
My Pick: LSU
Chris and I have one more day left in St. Louis and then we begin the cross-country trek and football pilgrimage back home to our life in the mountains.

We have had a wonderful vacation and we'll be sucking the marrow out of these last few days of it.

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