Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Do you have a routine even for things that are not fun?

I do. I take comfort in routines.

When I'm sick, the first thing I do is put my mattress on the floor. Weird? Maybe, but you'll think its less so when you remember that my bed lofted 6' in the air.

I started this habit in Nashville, and its served me well on all my elevated beds since then.

Migraines, I stay high -- anything else, the mattress has to come down.

Pushing all the fluids, all the Kleenex, trying to regulate temperature with a fever... I have to be on the floor.

Why am I telling you this? My mattress came down tonight.

So far, I just have the nose issues... with a hint of headache, but Chris had the same symptoms 5 days ago and it hit him HARD.

I'm headed to bed with Vicks and Kleenex, on the floor.

What are your weird but comforting habits?

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  1. I'm sorry you are sick! I hope it passes soon. I don't really have any routines like that. When I'm sick, I really like wrapping myself up in a lot of blankets and staying super warm. Warmth comforts me.


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