Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Breathe and Reboot

Do you ever have one of those days that you are SO glad to bid farewell in anticipation that tomorrow HAS to be better than today? The type of day when you tell yourself forty times that "His mercies are new every morning, new every morning, great is Your faithfulness, Oh Lord, great is Your faithfulness." If only you can get to that NEW MORNING, things will look up.

Today... it wasn't even the whole day... more like, this afternoon and this evening was One of THOSE days. I was in a lousy mood -- for really no reason that I could identify... and then as the evening progressed, it gave me a few reasons. Thank you for letting me vent as I let the sun set on this day and WELCOME tomorrow with open arms:
  • I was the only one to show up to my exercise group tonight
  • While waiting to see if anyone would show up for the group, a kid walked up to where I was sitting on the floor and stepped on my phone... and stood on it until I called to his attention that he was standing on my phone and could he please move
  • When I left the exercise group, I discovered a flat tire on my car
  • *** Now I have to admit here, that the Lord really did have my back on this one, because if I hadn't left exercise class early because no one was there, I wouldn't have made it to Costco before it closed and I wouldn't have been able to have my tire fixed before I got home. I feel very fortunate -- but I am still happy to see this day retire.
  • I was supposed to head to the store to pick up groceries, but instead I hung out at Costco while they fixed my tire -- and yes, I know Costco sells groceries, but I didn't need Costco bulk groceries, I needed City Market groceries
  • By the time I got home I was HUNGRY and I hadn't gotten groceries so I settled for frozen pizza
  • While I was making my dinner, my roommate informed me that Lexie ate the pineapple off her pizza when she wasn't looking and she wanted to know if pineapple is bad for cats... the fact that Lexie got sick in my room indicates, in case you were wondering, pineapple is bad for cats
  • And with my reserve weakened after my rough evening, I then helped myself to Ben and Jerry's ice cream -- not great for the bride-to-be diet
The day certainly had redeeming qualities, not the least of which was that my wonderful husband-to-be contacted friends of ours in Eagle about my tire issues and they were ready and willing to loan me their spare car tomorrow if I wasn't able to get my tire fixed tonight. I am VERY grateful for Chris' provision and our friends' generosity... but I am glad I did not have to take them up on their offer.

Even with the redeeming parts of the day, I am happy to bid this day farewell and anticipate the new resolve and new mercies of tomorrow morning!

Breathe and Reboot. Great is His faithfulness. Thank you for good friends.

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