Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update and Happily Stranded

What a crazy couple of days I've had!

Two days home sick (I'm feeling much better now, thank you for the prayers.)

Ten hours of Hunter's Education Class, plus testing, PLUS Shooting! I have some pictures from the process, but I'll have to wait until I can transfer them to the computer.

Why can't I do that tonight? Well, I am stuck in Denver due to a semi truck carrying hazard material that rolled over on I-70 and it's closed up by Silverthorne. The highway service had no estimate as to when the highway would re-open except to say to expect significant delays.I am in a Denver hotel and I will do the rest of the drive tomorrow morning.

The snow is coming down in BIG, HEAVY flakes, and Chris and I are settling in for the night -- pretty unprepared for a night on the road. This is a picture I took from the driver's seat of my car while stopped at a red light... BIG FLAKES!
I would be stranded anywhere with Chris. That's probably a good sign given that we're getting married. Below are some pictures I've recently framed for my living room... soon to hang in Chris and my home/apartment/shack/who-knows-what.I was so excited to take Hunter's Education this weekend and he is so excited for me to become a licenced hunter so we can hunt together -- or something like that. I love that Chris and I are learning each other's hobbies. We just LOVE LOVE LOVE spending time together. So he learns about football, I learn about baseball, he learns about dancing, I learn about hunting, he learns about running and working out, I learn about cooking. I LOVE that we're learning more things to do together -- we're both developing new hobbies because the other person likes an activity.

I am just completely in love with him.

Here is a cute picture of Lexie that I took last weekend.
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  1. glad you are feeling better, have fun in denver!!


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