Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elizabeth's Wedding

Prepare for an ENTOURAGE of photos... and I only choose the good ones.

Chris and I met my family in Palm Beach, Florida this past weekend to celebrate my cousin, Elizabeth's wedding. Elizabeth and I were REALLY close growing up... and to this day, we share history and similarities with each other that we do not share with anyone else.

It meant the world to witness and participate in your wedding celebration. Enjoy the pictures:

Bridal Luncheon for Liz, her family and her wedding party
Liz and her mother
The blushing bride
We are both Sanden girls and both engaged to amazing men!
The girls and our moms -- the aunts
An afternoon ballgame with my parents, Chris and my brother, Trent - Tigers v. Cardinals - the rivalry begins!
The two Sanden girls (Liz and me) and the men who have asked to marry them (Chris and Tommy)
My parents, Chris and me at the rehearsal dinner
Chris and me with my brother, Trent

Surfers on Jupiter Beach on Saturday morning...
... and a shark caught by fishermen 50 yards from where they were swimming
A morning walk on the beach
Mom's hair ready for the wedding... I love this picture with her reflection
Chris and my brother looking handsome
Chris, my parents and I, ready for the big event!
Here I am reading 1 Corithians 13:4-8
Man and wife - He can kiss the bride!
They did it!
Greeting Liz after the wedding... her words to me were, "You're next!"
My dad and my Uncle Bob -- they're brothers!
Our branch of the Family Tree -- Trent, Mom, Daddy, me and Chris
Chris and me with the happy bride and groom!
Liz and I acting silly.
I love this picture of them.
Dad and I offered toasts welcoming Tommy to the Sanden Family!
Liz's dance with her dad
Uncle Robert dancing with Aunt DianaDaddy and me headed to the dance floor... look at these flowers!
We have a couple of months to get ready for dancing at Chris and my wedding...Dad dancing with the bride... practicing for when he is father of the bride.
Trent dancing with Mom
Mom and Daddy
Liz and Tommy cutting the cake
All the Sanden cousins in attendance... oh man!
Here I am dancing with Uncle Bob
And dancing with Trent - I think it was the twist, or rock around the clock
And dancing with Chris! I love him like crazy!
There they go!
We're kind of tired after all the fun!

P.S. I wish blogger spell-check would stop telling me Sanden is a misspelled word.

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  1. Love all the pictures. It looks like you all had a wonderful time.

    I saw this cute idea this morning and thought of is the link:


  2. Looks like it was an amazing time....and she's are next!

  3. Your sister made a beautiful bride, and I love the "Liz and I acting silly" shot! :-) You should take a similar one on YOUR wedding day. :-D

    Look at this:

  4. Oopsie, this is rather your cousin! :-)


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