Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hidden Picture

It's time to play "Hidden Picture" game!
Do you see anything abnormal about this picture of my minivan's dashboard?
How about now?
Does this picture help you see it better?
Yes, that is my beautiful engagement ring about three weeks ago, when I was the genius who said to my wonderful fiance', "I think my ring is getting looser on my finger. I was at workout class and it nearly flew off when I did this..."

I then proceeded to shake my hands back and forth, and, as I had anticipated, my ring flew off my finger toward the driver's seat, TOWARD THE OPEN DRIVER'S WINDOW, and THANKFULLY ricocheted off Chris' fingers at the top of the steering wheel and deflected into the deep crevice of my dashboard.

It took four people, a small tool and about 20 minutes to get the ring successfully recovered. I am currently without my ring, but thankfully, it is safely at the jeweler's getting resized... not lost in a car dashboard.

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  1. Oh my goodness, glad you found it and it is safe now!


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