Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Headed Out

Chris and I are headed to Florida for my cousin's (my very close cousin's) wedding and I've been running around like a mad woman trying to get ready to leave. Elizabeth and I have known each other since she was born, and we are as close as each other has to a sibling in our same generation. The similarities in our life astound me... maybe I'll write more about that when I get back, but I'm SOOOO excited to witness and participate in her wedding! And I think it's CRAZY that we're getting married the same year... 3 months a part.

Red-eye tomorrow night, land in West Palm Beach, Florida at 9:30am... and from the moment my feet hit the Florida pavement, I will be on a treadmill.

Bridal luncheon on Friday, Family baseball game on Friday, Wedding rehearsal on Friday, Rehearsal dinner on Friday...

Saturday morning SLEEP IN!!!, hair appointment with mom, then WEDDING TIME -- and *bonus* daylight savings time begins the night of the wedding... so LESS sleep than expected.

It will be great. I'm excited, I'm just wired... I hope I can keep myself wired until Saturday morning, when I can sleep in.

I am reading a passage at the wedding, and then giving a toast at the reception, so my work commute and drive to Denver tomorrow will be much of reciting these aloud in the car.

The wedding will fall on, what would be, my sister's 48th birthday. It will be very nice to be with my parents and brother on this day. We haven't all been together on Tracey's birthday since her last birthday, when she turned 39. Please keep, my parents especially, in your prayers as this is always an emotional and memory-filled day... and this year, we need to be able to focus on a very exciting celebration in our family.

The wedding is Black Tie, and I am very excited to get all dressed up... and have it be for SOMEONE ELSE'S wedding! Chris and I still have 3+ months before we're the one's in the spotlight... though, I am hoping to catch the bouquet! :-D

Can't wait to share pictures when we get back.

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