Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wedding Dreams: Southern Plantation

Chris and I have been having dreams about our wedding -- yes, our wedding is turning into "a dream come true" but I mean we've been dreaming - in sleep - very weird and funny things about our wedding day.

This week I had an all-time funniest/weirdest dream and given that we are still 4.5 months away from the wedding, I figured I had better start sharing some of the funny dreams on the blog because they may be destined to get weirder and funnier as the big day approaches.

This weeks funniest dream was that Chris and I had a theme wedding - Southern Belles and Southern Gentlemen held on an old fashioned Southern Plantation. IN THE DREAM we invited half of our guests to come in black body paint to be the slaves in our Southern Plantation wedding. WHAT KIND OF A DREAM IS THIS?!?!!? Is this residual stress from working on the guest list? I think half of the guests should come serve at the wedding?!?! Oh man!!! Luckily, it was a dream, not a real idea... but wow!

In my defense, I think a couple things triggered this totally crazy dream:
  1. I just started reading Gone With the Wind (I'm hoping to make it through the book on this try)
  2. I just finished listening to one of the the Little House on the Prairie books (Little Town on the Prairie) on tape and in this book, Pa is apart of a minstrel show where he dresses in black-face.
  3. I fell asleep the night before thinking about Lincoln's birthday and the song from "Holiday Inn" Abraham, where all the performers wear black-face. Happy Birthday to Mr. Lincoln, by the way...
So, there really was semi-legitimate context to my nutso dream... but I think its really funny nonetheless. I can only imagine what wedding dreams lie ahead.

Happy Saturday!

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