Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days

What did you do as a kid on snow days?I'm having a hard time remembering what I did as a kid on snow days... one reason is that they hardly ever occurred -- but they did occur -- once, maybe twice each school year, we would have a snow day.
I can tell you what I WOULD do with a snow day if I had one... oh I don't know... SOON... like TOMORROW!!!! I would do any and ALL of the following:
  • Sleep IN!
  • SKI -- even if its frigid -- I would at least make use of my season pass and ski AT LEAST ONE run on my snow day
  • Exercise!!! I would run, lift weights and do my exercise video!
  • MY WEDDING ADDRESS SPREADSHEET (I've been trying to work on this for nearly a week and it seems to be consistently set aside -- maybe Saturday if no snow day arrives)
  • Watch movies while working on my wedding address spreadsheet
  • Hit my parents' condo spa with my mom -- at least the hot tub and shower with 5-heads after the aforementioned work-outs
  • READ -- I don't know how many times I have renewed my current library book but its been many
(This picture is not Lexie, I just loved the picture from Google Images)
Well, most of the schools in Colorado are closed tomorrow due to frigid temperatures... not my district yet... but I certainly have thoughts of how I would spend my day if the Lord were to whisper in the ear of the administrators that be and cancel school tomorrow (or any day for that matter).

My current facebook status is how I feel:
Brooke has great respect for school districts who cancel school when it is warranted... as a future parent, I will feel safer with my children in a school system that considers the safety of students when making decisions. As my dad says, "sometimes common sense just needs to prevail." Thank you to all the districts allowing common sense to prevail and canceling school as warranted.

What would you do with a snow day?

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  1. May the Good Lord bless you with such a day. We have 1 inch of ice and it has shut down all of Big TX. I tomorrow will be my 3rd day of not going to work. Fortunately it should be a balmy 34 degrees for the Super Bowl!


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