Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unexpected Chivalry

This evening I decided to take a "quick" run. I could tell the sun was pretty low in the sky, but I thought I could make it around the 4-mile square that I run before it became too dark. About half-way through I realized that the sky was darker faster than I had expected, and there are street lights in Greeley, so it was okay that I was still out despite the fast-coming twilight.

That being said, I ran my route faster than usual, which felt great, but I was extremely relieved to get back to Chris' safely.

When I walked in to Chris' house, Chris' roommate (also named Chris) greeted me and said, "I had no idea where you went..."

To which I responded, a little surprised, "Oh, I tried to go for a run before it got dark, but I misjudged my timing a little."

He then went on to tell me that he was sitting out in his truck talking on his phone when I left (I hadn't seen him). So he saw me leave the house, but was confused then to see my car still parked out front... and he didn't see me anywhere. He mentioned this fact on the phone to the girl he was talking to just as a truck gunned the engine right in front of his house. Chris said, "I immediately thought, 'That truck didn't take her... did he?' and I squealed out of my driveway to follow him!" He chased this truck a couple of blocks trying to get a head-count of how many people were in the car and if any of them could be me before he determined the truck hadn't taken me.
I've got to say, I was humbled by this unexpected -- albeit, unnecessary demonstration of chivalry by Chris' roommate. I always feel protected with Chris, but I had no idea his roommate would go to such lengths to make sure a truck hadn't driven off with me.

Thank you, Lord for the chivalrous men in my life.

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  1. Jeff and Sylvia CaseFebruary 24, 2011 at 7:10 AM

    Very admirable!!!

  2. Glad to know the roommate is on standby for you and very glad to know you were safe the whole time:) Love, Momma


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