Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Than A Name

Yesterday I took, what I thought would be a "quick" detour to check out the sales at the Borders Book Store in Greeley on my way to meet Chris. Brooke in a bookstore with prices 20-40% off... not a quick detour.

That being said, I perused my usual reading genres looking for deals too good to pass up when I realized that, with marriage, more than my name will be changing.

I was in front of the Christian lifestyle books for singles when I realized I didn't need to look for great deals here anymore. Ever since, probably age 12, I have always checked the Christian single books at every bookstore I've visited. Sometimes its a quick glance, other times its hours comparing titles, authors and reading excerpts. Passion and Purity, Boundaries In Dating, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Let Me Be A Woman, Boy Meets Girl, When God Writes Your Love Story, When Dreams Come True... all of these and more I have found in the Christian singles section over the past 15 years. I don't need to peruse this genre anymore... after 15 years of frequently this genre, I guess I have about a 15 year break coming until my own children are approaching the dating age.

For the first time ever that I remember, I looked in the Christian marriage section.

More than my name will be changing on June 25, 2011. My nonfiction reading will not include ways to seek God as a single adult, but as a wife -- and eventually as a mother. Thankfully, it is the same God I am seeking. I can't imagine how chaotic and confusing my faith would be if I worshiped one God as a single woman, and a different God as a married woman, and a different God as a mother, and a different God as a grandmother.

Different books, same God!

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