Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Engagement: Glowing

Every Tuesday night since December, I have met a group of women from throughout the valley to do a variety of work-out routines. All of the work-outs we do come from Beachbody and it is a nice way for us to try different products and decide which might work for each of us.

This past week, I took my mom to the class with me and we spent some time talking to the organizer, Kelly, when it ended. Kelly is ADORABLE and awesome and 3 months pregnant with her third little miracle -- and -- grew up with one of my good friends from college (MaryCarol, for those of you who know her).

The three of us (mom, Kelly and me) were talking about her pregnancy and my mom said something she has said to me most of my life, "There are two such amazing and special times in a woman's life and that is when she is the bride-to-be and when she is the mother-to-be..."

Kelly then handed me a compliment I think I will remember for years to come. She asked me how the wedding plans were coming and then said, "Brooke, you look great -- you are absolutely glowing during your engagement."

I, of course, laughed and said it probably had something to do with the fact that she always saw me after work-outs... but she didn't let it go. She said I looked so happy and so radiant and was absolutely glowing in preparation for my wedding. What an amazing and heart-warming observation for her to notice and tell me.
I feel like I am glowing -- I don't know if it has something to do with how often I work out these days, or if it is seeing life through the reflection of my beautiful and sparkly engagement ring, but I really feel like I am glowing.
I always imagined I would radiate joy when I am pregnant -- but to radiate joy in anticipation of my marriage -- I just never thought about it. Okay, maybe at the rehearsal dinner or at an engagement party or bridal shower -- but I am more than 4.5 months away from the commencement of Chris and my marriage and I am glowing!

Chris makes me so happy. We do not agree on everything -- sometimes it feels like we hardly agree on anything, but that is just my imagination running away with a situation. We agree on the important things -- and we are head over heels crazy for each other.
As of June 25, 2011, this will become our little family and I am beyond excited. I am excited about everything between now and our wedding day. I LOVE all this planning we're doing. I do not feel overwhelmed or burdened with wedding planning. I feel so blessed and joyful and privileged to be planning a beautiful wedding where family and friends will come to witness and celebrate the beginning of my marriage to the man I love!

That's not to say that the planning process hasn't had some difficult moments. At one particularly hard part of the planning, my aunt related the planning process to childbirth and labor... the result is beautiful and life-changing and you would endure anything for the amazing result -- but there are some painful and difficult moments in getting there.
I feel like the most blessed bride in the world! Like that saying, "God loves you... but I'm His favorite!" I am so happy I am glowing! I don't believe I have ever had such joy in my life -- the kind of joy that just penetrates every muscle and curve and bone in my body. Whatever happens today, I am completely in love with a man who wants to marry me. How can I keep from glowing?
All photos were done by Marc-Photography at my childhood home in Norton Shores, MI.
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  1. I love how excited you are, Brooke! Enjoy every minute of it, you deserve it!!

  2. Love these shots! :-)

    And that background of beautiful white snow everywhere is so you.


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