Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Fonts

So, the fonts of my blog are driving me CRAZY -- because they are not staying! This is not the third day in a row when I look at the fonts on the blog and they are different from what they were yesterday... so I work with a friend to help me fix them... then the next morning I wake up and the fonts are different again.

Blogger seems to be in love with Times New Roman because every font on the blog (other than my post) seems to INSIST - EVERYDAY on being Times New Roman. I HATE TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT!!!! Pretty much any font I would take over Times New Roman.

Does anyone have ANY IDEA why my fonts have a mind of their own?

Thanks for the feedback...

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P.S. The MINUTE I posted this post, half of the fonts on my blog changed from Times New Roman back to the fonts I prefer. I'm beginning to think I'm going CRAZY!

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