Thursday, February 10, 2011

Menu Feedback Requested

This is essentially my third consecutive post (one last night, sleep for 10 hours, two this morning), so please scroll down and catch up on my past 12 hours... especially this one.

I am collecting feedback on wedding menus.

What have you liked? What have you disliked?

Do you really pay attention to what you're eating? Only when it's delicious or horrible?

I have about 24 hours to finalize what Chris, my parents and I are going to try at our "tasting" in about 10 days, and then we will make our wedding entree decisions from there.

Does red-meat work when you're not cooking to order? Everyone gets medium-rare whether they want it or not?

Is chicken elegant enough for a wedding?

Is fish a happy medium, or the cop-out choice that says I clearly couldn't decide between steak and chicken?


If you don't want to leave a comment, you can always email me at brooke{dot}sanden{at}gmail{dot}com

THANK YOU in advance for your help!

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  1. Not so sure about fish... just because it may not have wide appeal. but I think you are fine with everything else! It's your wedding, so you do what you want!

  2. Do you want to give an option to guests? Is it sit down or buffet style?

    I've seen lots of weddings recently who give a menu option in the invitation..."check chicken or beef" type of thing.

    Some people don't like red meat, but you and Chris strike me as red meat people. I love steak and definitely think of it as a "nice" option. What do you like? It is more about you than the guests.

    I guess I have more questions than answers. Food for me is not very important at weddings. I pay more attention to the ceremony, dress, flowers, cake than what I'm eating.


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