Monday, November 29, 2010

Full of Memories

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! What a Thanksgiving full of memories!
Lexie found a new favorite place in the Vail condo...
"Is the turkey ready yet?"We indoctrinated Chris into the Sanden tradition of watching the movie PILLOW TALK... I say "watching the movie" but really, we talk through the whole movie... we quote the movie and say the lines with the characters... poor Chris! Mom and Daddy danced to one of the Doris Day songs.
We had a great Thanksgiving dinner - in this picture, Daddy is on the phone with the Seattle Sanden crew -- my brother, Trent, his wife, Maria and their two kiddos, Jake and Ryan. Happy Thanksgiving!Chris and Lexie have their own games they play together.We attended the Beaver Creek Christmas Tree lighting on Friday night and it was a delightful event! It was hard to get a picture amidst the crowd - but there were candles, carols, poetry, gingerbread houses, Santa Claus and fireworks.
Beaver Creek just celebrated its 30th anniversary of the ski resort, and the MC asked how many people have been skiing Beaver Creek for the past 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?... when he got to 30 years... my parents were some of the only ones to cheer -- they remember skiing the year Beaver Creek opened.Thanksgiving is over -- Santa Claus is Coming To Town!Chris and I played Monopoly after the tree lighting... we tried that is... Lexie was all about this game. "What piece should I choose?""How much money do we start with?""I am NOT going to jail!!! Give me my $200 dollars!""I wanted to buy that property... don't even think about it!" (The thimble is under her paw.)Ready for the Michigan v. Ohio State football game with mom and dad's long-time friends, Dr. and Mrs. DeYoung.Unfortunately, our shirts didn't work!We had fun... but, of course, Michigan got creamed.I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving! God bless as you embark on the Christmas season!
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  1. Looks like fun!! Open day at Beaver Creek? That's awesome.


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