Thursday, November 18, 2010

Little Things and Big Successes

So, I've already posted tonight, but I am EXCITED! Many people more blog-savvy than I may find this is totally lame... but I've wanted three columns to my blog - basically since I started blogging and never had time to figure out how to get it... and tonight I figured it out!

Also, I have wanted to learn how to label my posts for some time now... tonight I figured it out!!!

Also, I've been itching for a different look to my blog lately - I don't know that this will stick, but it's something different for the moment... and tonight I did it!

This has been a successful night for my blog -- this has not been a successful night to sleep.
Time to give sleep a try and hopefully I'll be as successful as I've been at blog endeavors!

Oh, also, I didn't even realize I've hit 100 posts in 2010! This is post 101. Maybe a giveaway will be in my future to celebrate... but I will leave that for another day. :-D

Good night and good luck at the little things that make for big successes in your life!

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