Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Fun with Weasels

This past weekend was awesome! It kicked off with a manicure/pedicure party to celebrate that a friend has gone a year without smoking. I was fighting a migraine all night, but a little bit of pampering with friends goes a long way at over coming a headache.
Here are my season and celebratory fingers and toes...
Chris and I went to a local restaurant for the second half of the Illinois v. Michigan football game - Michigan won in Triple Overtime (exciting game). I think the below picture is funny because the bull is staring out of his picture -- almost like a football lineman and the line of scrimmage. what do you think?Sunday afternoon, after a great church service and a little shopping up in Vail for friends who have had a baby, Chris and I went for a drive in the mountains. We saw a Mountain Weasel in his Winter camouflage. Can you see him?How about now?Neither Chris or I had ever seen one before so this was exciting for us!This was probably the last drive we can do so far out until next summer. The roads were snowy and muddy even yesterday, so they will be icy, un-plowed, and closed very soon.The weekend was awesome - every weekend is wonderful these days! Most weeknights, I am still nose-to-the-grindstone for my last 2 weeks of studying before my Braille test.
Lexie likes to help sometimes. My test will be over 2 weeks from yesterday and hopefully I will pass and not have to spend another couple of months studying.Yesterday, I emailed the woman in charge of the braille test to ask a few questions about the length of the test and hyphenation details... and, in a moment of weakness, I asked if anyone has passed the test on their first attempt. She emailed me back that YES, PLENTY of people have passed on their first attempt. She says, in her experience, those who know braille, pass the test. Sometimes those who know braille get nervous and need a second attempt, but she said MANY people have passed. I am very encouraged, but please, keep the prayers coming!
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  1. I want a mountain weasel. I would train it to kill the snakes in my back yard. The American version of Rikki Tikki Tavi...

  2. Isn't that a mongoose? Can a weasel do what a mongoose can do?

  3. Oh my goodness...that mountain weasel is so cute! And the snow is gorgeous. I would not know what to do with all that white beautifulness :)

    Praying for your test...I have been since you mentioned it but I thought I would let you know...I am praying...lots.

    I think you are going to kick the test in the booty ;)

    See...now you are laughing...laughing equals less stress!


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