Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankfulness Challenge!

After my rant from yesterday, I started blog-hopping and read that my friend, Chelsea, intends to get in the holiday spirit of Thanksgiving by writing a blog each week expressing things for which she is thankful.

I thought that was a terrific idea and intend to include a bit of thankfulness in each blog I post throughout November. Chelsea's post and then Christy's post this morning were the best things for me to read on the heels of last night's rant. Thank you, girls. :-D
I am thankful for an email I got from a colleague today that told me information about a kiddo I'm going to be assessing, she told me there is a problem with entering me into a computer file, but that she's contacted help from our headquarters and hopes it will be quickly resolved. What a blessing from this colleague! "There's a problem, and I'm on it and hope it will be resolved quickly." Do you realize how many emails I usually get that tell me there is a problem -- and good luck with that? This woman totally blessed me today.

Also I am thankful for evenings at home working with my roommate. Evenings of microwave pizza, braille studying, Dancing With The Stars, and writing postcards. There will be years of marriage and children and CRAZINESS. I am very thankful for this season of sharing life with a Christian sister.
I invite you to take what I'm calling the November Thankfulness Challenge. Add an element of Thankfulness to each and every blog post you write. I'm hoping it will lead me to be more aware of my thankfulness throughout the day -- a habit I hope continues long after Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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