Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tomorrow Is...

And we actually have snow! 7 Lifts and 550 acres are opening.
This weekend, I want to:BUT... instead, I will take one state test on Saturday and one state test on Monday... check out home many Braille contractions I've identified in the pictures below. All of these circles/squares/arrows mean that those letters have some rule that means they are not just spelled with the letters they have. There is some other rule I need to employ when transcribing this into Braille.HOPEFULLY, my diligence and hard work will pay off and by spending this weekend in test world, I will have the rest of the winter to enjoy the Vail ski season.And here's one picture just for fun... it's fun because this is as close as Lexie got to this candle. Lexie loves Vail too and is looking forward to seeing her grandparents (my parents) starting next week! AS SOON AS THE LAST TEST IS OVER!!!Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. Beautiful:) Can't wait to get there! Much love, Momma


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