Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Commercials

I really love Christmas Commercials - the sweet ones, the cute ones, the sentimental ones, the funny ones. Christmas Commercials almost set the season for me as much as decorations and Christmas movies. Commercials contribute to the expectation and excitement of Christmas.

I don't mind or think about "commercialism" because, to me, the Christmas season celebrates God's gift to His children on earth -- the gift of His Son, Jesus. Christmas commercials increase my awareness of the season and the reminder of this blessed anticipated gift - even if they are not advertising the gift of Jesus on their television commercials.

Of all the awesome Christmas commercials I can remember throughout my life, one commercial takes the cake for me. When a commercial makes you cry EVERY TIME you see it, you know it's a good one! Here is the best commercial from Publix:

Merry Christmas and Happy Christmas Season of Anticipation and Excitement!

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  1. We were just at the library and I thought of you. They have a lot of baby books with braille taped on to the pages. It's very cool. I was running my fingers over it

    I was wondering, how quickly do people move their finger over the braille in order to read? Just curious! It's really amazing skill to have b/c I could hardly tell the difference between the sentences.

  2. That was a great commercial, happy holidas still irks me - I made the mistake of saying so yesterday at work, but I think think its the least of my worries with what all has been done to other feasts and Holidays.

    I still to this day remember the Christmas party you threw in 08 (I believe). It was quite the shindig! I think it was the best and only Christmas party I've been to - good food+good company+people falling out of chairs while sober = awesome. Happy belated Thanksgiving and have a good day Brooke!


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