Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas 2010: Drive and Springfield

Chris and I are ON THE ROAD!!!

Our last day of school/work was December 17 and we hit the road in the afternoon on December 18.
December 18th was also our one year anniversary, so we went skiing in the morning... and more about our anniversary in another post... (STAY TUNED - it was a wonderful day!)

I don't know that I ever posted any pictures of the whole-view of my Eagle Christmas tree:
This tree will stay up until I get back to Eagle in January - it was a beautiful tree!After skiing in Vail on Saturday morning, we made it to Salina, KS by midnight and today we spent some time in Kansas City and Springfield! Behold Bass Pro Shop with the Santa Fisherman!Look out, Chris - there's a goat about to butt him, and a mountain lion about to pounce!
We found some great hats...And there's an elk behind us. Life is good!We had a great dinner at Lambert's Cafe -- the problem is, I wanted a salad and my mouth about hit the floor when this HUGE salad on a pizza crust arrived in front of me. Was this a JOKE?!?!?!
Here I'm trying to smile for this picture, but most of the salad is in the hotel refrigerator right now...
Chris and I are walking on air on this trip... we've been together 1 year, we've been dating long distance since August, we are about to spend the Christmas vacation with both of our families and we are happier than we've ever been!
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