Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Cousins

To us, St. Louis means loads of cousins... which is SO much fun.  I grew up with cousins, but on my mom's side, I was the youngest, and on my dad's side I had one cousin younger, and the rest were 18-plus years older.  And, my side of the family still doesn't really deliver on the cousin side -- there aren't any.

But, my wonderful Hubby has two siblings, and cousins abound.  
Zivah is the oldest and just turned three.
Tracey is seven months younger than Zivah.
Mayah is eleven months younger than Tracey.
Howard and Caroline are twelve months younger than Mayah.
Judah is three months younger than Howard and Caroline...
and baby Silas is expected in August (five months younger than Judah).

... and no one claims to be finished having kids yet.


Left to right: Baby Silas (in belly), Mayah, Memaw, Judah, Zivah, Tracey, Caroline, Peepaw, Howard

Here are some pictures of the St. Louis cousins:

Zivah decided that she and Tracey were going to be Disney princesses, so Cinderella and Belle hung out with us.

 Judah and Howard... the little men

Zivah is the perfect oldest cousin because she loves babies... she was in heaven with our twins

All the siblings and kids... Chris' sister, husband, and three children on the left, our family in the middle, and Chris' brother and pregnant wife on the right.  No one was dressed for a great picture, but there we are...

This couch isn't going to hold very many more cousins.

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