Saturday, July 30, 2016

Not The Kids

My grandpa and his gal have been visiting us for a few days, and we have had such a great time with them.  They brought me some boxes of my old stuff from my parent's home (because my parents are moving soon) which we didn't have space for in our car when we drove back this summer.  Grandpa has been wanting to come visit us, and we needed these boxes transported to us one way or another, so he and Jane took that opportunity to come see us, and do us a big favor and deliver the boxes.

I will show pictures of their visit soon... but in looking through some pictures with them, I found if funny that, the only group pictures we had taken when they were here, it was not the kids I had to worry about taking a bad picture.

We went out to dinner to Shooters, which was a big deal because we were eating out with three kids under three, and everyone was actually eating (twins included).  The waitress was nice enough to snap a picture and I couldn't believe it was Grandpa and Jane who are not smiling in every picture.  Tracey, Howard, and Caroline are not being difficult, and are just sweetly looking at the camera... but Grandpa and Jane apparently kept forgetting to smile -- they might have been tired from their long trip, but I found it really funny.

First picture... okay, maybe they weren't ready for this one

Second picture... okay, maybe they just now realized someone is taking a picture

Third picture... "Say Cheese"

Fourth picture... really, she's taking the picture, say cheese.

Fifth picture, I think Grandpa is trying to crack a smile

Sixth picture... yeah, I guess that's a slight smile from Grandpa

Then the waitress changed directions, and Grandpa and Jane knew the picture was being taken, because they rotated to the other direction to look at the camera... come on, guys -- Smile!  It looks like Grandpa is trying to get on board...

 Even Tracey has turned around for this picture, and yet still no real smiles from the older crew

No smile...

Tracey got bored with the pictures and reached for some food... and still no smiles

... and Tracey brings the ketchup finger to her mouth... and still no smile from Jane.

I had no idea I should have spent my picture efforts, not on having the kids behave for the picture, but on getting Grandpa and Jane to smile for the picture. 

Maybe it was just settling in that they were about to spend three days with us and our crazy crew...

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