Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sibling Shots

Growing up as an only child, my parents never posed me with siblings for pictures on a regular basis.  They would take picture of me, but from the moment I took the first picture of Tracey with the twins, my heart jumped for joy to see my three children -- my children with their siblings together in a picture.

What I did not know was how those pictures would evolve even over the first six months from completely awkward and almost dangerous to completely heart-warming and adorable.

After a few posed pictures, she slowly began to volunteer to get in the shots with Howard and Caroline... not too close, but she sort of inched her way in as close as she felt comfortable.

Then, as Howard and Caroline got bigger and Tracey was finding more ways to play with them, and realized we all were spending, and would be spending a lot of time together, she began to love being in pictures with her siblings...

Which means we are able to snap amazing sibling pictures like these -- although we do occasionally bribe her with marshmallows in order to get big beautiful smiles.

... and so many more yet to come... 

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