Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Animal Fun

This summer Tracey got to see some animals in both St. Louis and Michigan and she had a great time...

In St. Louis we visited Grant's Farm, which is a wilderness sanctuary sponsored by Anheuser Busch.  All of us went (Hubby, Twins, Tracey, and myself) with Memaw, Peepaw, Aunt Mandy and cousin Zivah.  The girls had a blast together.

Then, in Michigan Hubby and Tracey went to John Ball Park Zoo with our Colorado/Michigan friends, Mr. Selbig and Ellery (friends we met in Colorado, but grew up in Michigan, and now have moved back to Michigan and live 1 mile from my parents).  

The dads and daughters played together two summers ago, and then went to the zoo last year and here are the picture comparisons:




 Its so much fun to watch our little girl love animals and enjoy getting to see them with family and friends.  We can't wait for the twins to be old enough to enjoy these outings as well.

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