Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fun Visitors

My Grandpa and Jane came to visit this week, and we had so much fun with them.  It really is amazing how much MORE I can do with the kiddos out and about when I have extra hands.

We were able to do so much with them -- out to dinner several times, out to a State Park, out to the shooting range, out for ice cream... we had a blast!

We all went out to eat at Shooter's Grill, which was fun for a lot of reasons, but it was different because both babies are eating solid foods now.  They had a blast sucking on dill pickles and tasting mac and cheese.

It was so much fun watching Grandpa and Jane interact with all the kids.
*A side note, all of our parents (the kiddos grandparents) are names other than Grandma and Grandpa.  My parents are Grammie and Papa, and Hubby's parents are Memaw and Peepaw, so it is fun that Chris and my grandparents can still be Grandma and Grandpa to our kids.  Tracey had a lot of fun with Grandpa Jacobs and Grandma Jane.

We spent time outside letting Tracey swim in our yard and run through sprinklers.

We went to the Rifle State Park and walked up to Rifle Falls

It was so beautiful... and amazingly easy with their extra hands to help!

Grandpa has four children of his own... but he admitted its been a long time since he pushed a stroller.

We made them experience the old west by taking them to our shooting range.

And finally, we all went to a local spheghetti dinner fundraiser together.  The babies LOVED their first taste of speghetti, and Tracey ran around playing with children from our church.

 I could only snap a few pictures there because we were introducing Grandpa and Jane to people, catching up with friends and trying to keep tabs on our three little ones.

It was the first time Grandpa and Jane have come out to visit us in Colorado -- they always make a point to see us when we're in Michigan, but it was so much fun to show them our home, let them witness our crazy life and show them around our little town.

We had such a great time with them and hope they come back soon... but also appreciate how special it was that they came so far and know that it might be a long time before they are able to come back again.

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