Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ugly Americans

In our time in Mexico thus far, I have had an epiphany:
I understand from where originated the "Ugly American."

We have all heard about those loud, obnouxious American tourists who just want to eat American food, and want everyone to speak English.

Well, yes, as a culture, there probably are some Ugly American tourists... but really, I think they originated from a very understandable place.  I believe the first ever Ugly Americans were pregnant mothers of toddlers.

Before coming to Puerto Vallarta (which is amazing), we were in Monterrey for a wedding/anniversary vow renewal.  We were in a Best Western hotel and we were on the go constantly.

From the moment we got off the plane we were shuttled from place to place, eating (very good) but very foreign food, getting little sleep, staying incredibly hot, and then getting dressed up for a fancy wedding.

By the morning after the wedding, my toddler and my pregnant self were exhausted and hungry and when I walked in to the hotel breakfast, I was the Ugliest American I have every been.

I did not want to attempt broken Spanish, I did not want to wait for the waiter to ask if I was getting the buffet, I did not want to ask for a high chair, I just wanted to take the first one I saw -- I simply wanted edible, familiar food for my hungry, tired toddler and myself.  I was the ugliest American I have ever been, and given the same set of circumstances, I would act the same way again.

So, yes, we need to strive to not be Ugly Americans -- but I would like to petition the world to make an exception for pregnant mothers of toddlers.

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