Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Big Prayers

When I think about my prayers of petition to God, they are usually not what I think of Big Prayers.  They are big prayers in that I live every breath simply thanks to God's mercy and grace... but they are not big because they are things that I putting my human efforts toward and I hope and pray God blesses those efforts to allow and enable the end result for which I am working.

Often, I spend days, or weeks thinking about a problem that Hubby and I are tackling, and pray for wisdom about the problem... and then when I think I have the solution, I will pray for the solution that I concocted to come to fruition.  It is so human of me... but I've put in the time to figure out the answer, now I just have to pray that God makes that answer come true, since I've gone to the human trouble of figuring out the solution.

It is not the most Biblical concept, but I really do identify with the phrase "Pray as though it depends on God; Work as though it depends on you."

That being said, sometimes I come before God with, what I consider to be BIG PRAYERS.  These are prayers that I lay before His feet in complete surrender because I am not doing my part to make these things happen.  These are things that are so far outside of my control that the only way these prayers can possibly be answers are through God's grace, guidance, and provision.

These are prayers like when I prayer for someone's healing, or for a couple that is facing a trial, or a family who is struggling -- I am not necessarily doing things through my own efforts to answer my own prayers, I am just surrendering them to God, and praying His love, healing, protection, and love over them.

I know I serve a big God and big requests do not scare Him... but I don't often like to come before Him with be requests because they scare me.  I don't like to be told "No."  I don't like to ask others for favors... I like to work and earn things for myself.

I believe, coming into this fall, Hubby and I are going to be asking God for guidance and provision in a BIG PRAYER with a little bit of a timeline on it, and I'm a little nervous, but also excited to hope and wonder what He, in His love and grace, might do for us.

What are some of your big prayers?  How did God answer them?

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