Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fess Up!

Some of my facebook friends have posted a list called Girls: Fess Up! that I thought was kind of funny.  I don't need to post the answers on facebook... but I have no problem posting them here, just for fun.

01) Hair Down or Up? Down with a clip when I leave the house... up in a messy bun when I'm home
02) Jeans or Yogas? Skirts

03) Painted or Non Painted Nails? Non-painted about 45 weeks of the year
04) Favorite Color? Purple and Green
05) T-Shirt or Dress Shirt? Dress shirt
06) Flip-Flops or Sneakers? Chacos
07) Big Purse or Small? Diaper bag
08) Hair Natural or Dyed? Completely natural... never dyed or highlighted
09) Piercings? Ears -- one earring in each lobe
10) Diamonds or Pearls? Both -- diamonds on my finger and ears... pearls around my neck
11) Favorite Animal? Dog or cat
12) Fav Food? Fresh fruit... and pizza
13) Rap or Country Music? Country
14) Height? 5'4"
15) Sports or None: College football, Tennis, and Major League Baseball

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