Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Giving It All

Have you heard this song?

Hubby called it to my attention a month or so ago and this duo wrote this song together and then it was played at their wedding... and it is just gorgeous.

Honestly, I think it is sweet for a wedding... but I think it is sweeter for a couple who has been together a few years.  I was so touched when Hubby wanted me to listen to it, because a wedding day is one of the happiest days of a couple's life, no question.  But the vows that a couple takes, the songs that a couple has sung, the words that a couple says... they all become real in the months and years and decades that follow.  A marriage obviously has to start somewhere... and it starts on a wedding day -- but it grows, it matures, it deepens, and it strengthens with everything that comes after.  I was so touched that Hubby wanted me to listen to this song, because we are living life post-wedding day, and every day we keep striving to Give It All to each other.

I was actually disappointed when I looked for the song on youtube not to find an actual music video -- I was hoping for clips from their wedding... but I guess the song has just been released so there is no video.  But, this allows the listener to really focus on the words of the song.


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