Friday, July 17, 2015

Last Batch

Well, we have now left Michigan and arrived for our second round of family in St. Louis.  We had so much fun in Michigan and it was such a joy to watch my parents with Tracey Ann over those weeks.  By the end, she even came up with her own name for Grammie, "Gee Gee," which my mom absolutely loves.

Before I move on to lots of fun pictures of aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins in St. Louis... here is the last batch of pictures from our fun in Michigan:

Tracey Ann's initial thoughts on riding on Papa's boat -- Hang on for dear life.

Now she's feeling better.

Up front with Papa and Daddy.

But not really smiling yet...

We're making jello and Tracey Ann found all the molds.

She had so much fun with all the jello molds.

Fun with the neighbor kids swimming in Mona Lake.

These kiddos were so good with Tracey Ann.

Packing for St. Louis.

The neighbors put on a water skiing show every summer, and this year, we caught it -- ten skiers behind one boat.

Bye-bye, Grammie and Papa.  We had a blast and we'll miss you.

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