Friday, July 10, 2015

The Bests

So we are now home from our stay at The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, and it was just wonderful.

My family has the tradition to share BESTS and WORSTS after trips and so I decided to share my bests along with the Best pictures of the trip.

1. I absolutely LOVE Tracey Ann, but it was SO nice to be traveling with my parents and have several hours over the course of our time up there where they were spending time with Tracey Ann, and Hubby and I got to do our own thing.  On Wednesday morning, Tracey Ann ate her breakfast with us and then we handed her off to my parents, who had already finished eating, so Hubby and I could enjoy our 4 course breakfast at a relaxed, leisurely pace.  By the time we finished breakfast, Tracey Ann was getting ready for a nap, so she napped in Grammie and Papa's room while they enjoyed Wimbledon Tennis, and Hubby and I went off and rented a tandem bicycle, biked around the entire island, and explored Mackinac Island's main street all while Tracey Ann napped.  We have not enjoyed carefree vacation time like that with just each other in over a year-and-a-half, and it was wonderful.  Also, after dinner one night, we get Tracey Ann in her pajamas, and she went to Grammie and Papa's room while Mama and Daddy spent 20 minutes dancing to the live band playing.  We didn't need to spend hours dancing the night away, but it was such a treat for us to listen to the live music, make a request, and dance to three or four songs, knowing that Tracey Ann was having a blast with my parents.

2. It was so enjoyable to be on VACATION together as a family with Hubby, Tracey Ann, and my parents.  Hubby and I see my parents several times a year, but to actually be away, at the LOVELY, relaxing Grand Hotel, where no one needs to plan any meals, and no one brings any work was such a treat.  We enjoyed amazing meals, time in the pool, time walking around the grounds of the hotel, and the island, time in our rooms, time watching Wimbledon tennis, time dancing, time napping, and time playing.  It was just such a treat.

3. We stayed at The Grand Hotel for TWO NIGHTS.  My parents have been to the Grand Hotel a handful of times before -- it is my mom's favorite place to vacation, and I have been there twice as a child.  We have always stayed for one night.  We get up early and drive the five hours up to Mackinaw City, get on the island by mid-day, enjoy the hotel, have a lovely dinner, get up and have a wonderful breakfast, enjoy a little more of the hotel, and then pack and leave the island and drive the five hours back home.  The Grand Hotel is a very expensive place to stay and so we would plan our time accordingly and use our time wisely and stay one night.  Well, this trip we were able to take advantage of a special promotion and Hubby and I convinced my parents that we should all stay two nights because to go up there with Tracey Ann and all her accessories, and knowing that Hubby had never been on the island before, for just one night really would not make as much sense as settling in and enjoying two full nights there.  I am SO GLAD we made that decision to stay two nights.  I was able to show Hubby parts of the island, Tracey Ann was able to settle into a routine, and we were all able to enjoy wonderful, unique parts of the beautiful hotel.  Hubby and I said to each other over and over how incredibly glad we were that we had all decided to stay two nights.

Those were the BESTS.  Check out The Grand Hotel for your own wonderful Mackinac Island experience.

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