Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Growing Up!

Treasuring the Present... I'm growing up, I can tell.

 This week, I can really tell that I am growing up.

I know, the fact that I'm married, have a full-time job, have two animals, have a little home, have a dozen and a half visually impaired students, I live 1400 miles from my parents, and I'm nearing 30 years old apparently wasn't enough for me to realize that I'm growing up.

But the truth is, I am growing up.

Last year, the week after Thanksgiving, little Lexie and I stayed in Vail with my parents due to work travel reasons and it was SOOOO nice!  I felt like I was able to go back-in-time for a week.  I was newly married and still adjusting to life as a wife, with a husband, and puppy.  When I stayed in Vail with my parents last year, I was on vacation!!  I still had to work, but I had a week off from taking care of my husband and puppy and it really felt nice.  I'm ashamed to admit that, but it was a really nice week of going back in time to a time when I was the daughter instead of the wife.

One year later, I am back staying in Vail with my parents solely for work travel reasons, and I miss my husband, my puppy and my home.  I am happy to be here with my parents and I REALLY appreciate having my mom cook dinner each night... but I don't feel like I'm going back in time... I feel like I'm missing my grown up life.

I am growing up -- I am here with my parents and I am cherishing every minute with them... but I don't belong here anymore.  I belong with my husband and my animals, taking care of them.

This is the way it is supposed to be, and it is okay.

I am not "the mom" yet with my own children... but I am not just "the daughter" anymore, who lets her parents take care of her for the week... My most important role is "the wife" and I need to be in Vail for the week... but I miss my hubby like crazy, and he knows I am not here to escape, I am here because it makes the most sense for financial and safety reasons.

I love my parents... but their "home" isn't my home anymore.
My home is where my husband is.

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