Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Season's Winding Down

One reason I like October so much is that College Football is right in the HEART of their season.

Now November is here... and the middle of November at that, and College Football is still going strong but it is coming to a close for the season.

Just two more regular season games...
One Conference Title Game...
Then, the Holiday Bowl Games.

Then, I start counting down my calendar again for the 2013 College Football Season.

Michigan Twitter posted the below picture yesterday in honor of Senior Day at Michigan Stadium today.

Michigan plays IOWA for their last home game of the year.

Last week, the Northwestern v. Michigan game went to overtime, and when one of the Michigan Sr. Captains was asked on which end of the field Michigan wanted to play, the Captain, Jordan Kovacs said, "We want to play on that end, Right There!"

He pointed to the end of the field with all the Michigan students.

You could hear the determination in his voice, the fire, the spirit.
You could hear the tone of, "Yes, we're going to overtime, and I'm pumped, but let me just say, we're in MY HOUSE, and we're going to play with MY SOUNDTRACK -- 110,000+ screaming fans.  We're playing on that end, RIGHT THERE!"

Michigan won in OT 38-31.

Good Luck, Wolverines!
I am cherishing each and every game left in this season.
I am sure you are too.

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