Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Last Images of Mexico

Well, I hope, as you're reading this that Chris and I are home in America.

Our flights were changed so instead of arriving in Denver around 4:00pm allowing us several evening hours to make the 3.5 hour drive to Rifle, settle in with our animals, and get a good night's sleep... we will end up in Denver around 9:00pm, which means we will get to Rifle around 1:00am if we're lucky.  Then, of course, my work day will begin at 4:00am.

As many travelers know, that is the price one pays for a weekend getaway.

I am writing this blog post on Monday morning from Mexico knowing that I will have neither the time nor capability to write one later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Hopefully when you're reading this, we are back in the US... hopefully you have VOTED... hopefully you have voted for the candidate I support, but most IMPORTANTLY, I hope you've VOTED.  It is our privilege and responsibility as Americans to vote.

Here are some last images of Mexico Chris and I took Sunday night before dinner:


Daddy and Momma

Millers and Sandens


Uncle Robert and Aunt Diana

Sandens and Sandens

Mexican sunset

Millers in Paradise


The whole gang.

Adios, Mexico!

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