Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Letters: Thanks Thumper!

  • Dear Friday, You don't really feel like yourself this week, but I'm glad you're here
  • Dear Lexie and Lloyd, I love cuddling with you both in bed, just inches from each other :-D
  • Dear Mexico, Thanks for a wonderful long weekend!
  • Dear Hubby, Momma and Daddy, Thanks for a wonderful long weekend!
  • Dear Thumper, Thank you for the great advice this week of the election
  •  Dear Food Club, I'm glad you're coming over on Monday... my house needs to be cleaned and it will be done before you get here
  • Dear Heat, I think you're coming on this weekend
  • Dear Snowstorm, PLEASE give us feet of snow and keep it on the ground until April 30!
  • Dear Thanksgiving, You are approaching REALLY fast!
  • Dear Friends Expecting Babies, There are A LOT of you! Congrats.
  • Dear Workout Routine, Let's get back together soon.
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  1. I can't believe that y'all are getting snow!! It was 80 degrees here today! Ahhh! Tell Louisiana to get on board with the winter weather!


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