Monday, November 5, 2012

Mexico: Day 4

Our last day in Mexico was wonderful... especially the afternoon.

We had an appointment in the morning, but in the afternoon, Momma and I had massages out on a pier with the ocean waves crashing (SOOO amazing), Hubby and I went swimming and then Mom, Dad, Uncle Robert, Aunt Diana, Hubby and I all went to dinner.

What a wonderful day:

Have you ever seen a doughnut tree?

Lots of beautiful flowers.

Mom and I each had WONDERFUL massages (and discounted massages) on this beautiful, peaceful, ocean front pier... it was AMAZING.  One of my favorite parts of the vacation.  My wonderful Hubby was insistent that Mom and I do this if possible.  He is so wonderful!

 This is one of the pools of the condo... so much fun!

Isn't my hubby adorable?  And someday, Lord Willing, I will have a little boy that looks just like him complete with this big grin!


I don't think these pictures will make the Christmas card... but we're having fun.
 Mom, Daddy, Uncle Robert and Aunt Diana on the bus...

Have you ever tried to snap pictures from an Iphone on a Mexican bus?  Not an easy task!

I love this picture of the group outside our Mexican restaurant.

A fun and festive dinner.

The only Mexican song my mom knew and could think to request was "Feliz Navidad"... and the guys sang it.  :-D

It has been a wonderful trip.  Much too short, but we are SOOO glad we stole this weekend to enjoy time with family South of the Border.

Thanksgiving and more family will be here before we know it.

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