Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mexico: Day 2

Our time in Mexico is flying by, but is SO enjoyable.

I guess a trip really will fly by when you're here 4 days... on day 2, the trip is half over.

It is interesting how some things are the same on a weekend in a foreign country and some things are different:

Same - The Sandens will be watching American Football on Saturday
Different - the American Football will be watched in a Mexican restaurant

Same - Chris will continue hunting
Different - Instead of hunting for animals, he hunts for deals with timeshare presentations, and me in the pool ;-)

Same - the heat is not on in the condo or in our Rifle home
Different - the heat is NOT NEEDED down here -- the air is on!

Enjoy some more pictures:

I enjoyed chatting and whistling at this African Grey Parrot (Tracey, my sister, used to have one), but he moved away from me in his cage whenever I talked to him.

I love spending time with my parents.

Look how warm it is -- summer clothes!

Great seafood dinner!

 Have a great weekend.

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