Wednesday, November 7, 2012

They Missed Us

Our kiddos really missed us and we are SOO happy to have them home.

We got home yesterday at 1:00am... we were asleep around 2:00am... my alarm went off at 4:00am... Hubby went to pick up our critters at 6:00am... and we both worked a very full day.  Last night, we were SO HAPPY to be in bed, relaxing with our animals.  And they were happy to be back with us.

Chris went to pick up Lexie and Lloyd yesterday morning at 6am.  He said Lloyd was himself -- super excited to see him.

When he got to where Lexie was staying, the woman she was staying with said she couldn't get Lexie in her carrier.  So Chris went downstairs to get her, and the moment that Lexie saw Chris, she came right out of her hiding spot and ran to him.  That just melts my heart!  We really are a family.

She spent the majority of the evening snuggled under my neck.

We're back, Guys.  The next trips, you'll be coming with us.

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