Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Man, Woman, Wild - Our Marriage!

From the very beginning of Chris and my relationship, we have introduced each other to new things.  He has introduced me to The Food Network, new flavors and a variety of foods, hunting, backpacking, "flexibility" as he calls it, "disorganization" as I call it, increased patience, the joy of baseball, laughter and humor when I don't naturally laugh...

I have introduced him to proper grammar, skiing, running, Gilmore Girls (which he really enjoys, but we don't talk about it in public), the importance of thank you notes, improved time management, the joy of college football, the importance of locking our doors...

We have had the most amazing three months of marriage and I just fall more in love with him every day.  We become better and better at being each other's spouse every day -- and we still have 60 years to get the hang of this!!!

One thing Chris has introduced to me is a show called "Man, Woman, Wild" and we LOVE IT!!!   It's a show on the Discovery Channel about a husband and wife who get in survival situations and have to survive together.  It's the perfect mix of survival adventure for Chris and adorable husband and wife dynamics for me.  Check out the trailer below:

So far, the Man, Woman, Wild adventures of our marriage have occurred in the kitchen.  Chris and I have a small television in the kitchen, and I think it might be a bad idea for me to watch these creative cooking shows when I need to just stick to recipes and even those results are not guaranteed...  Tonight I was watching Chopped and Cupcake Wars -- and I added mint chips to the chocolate chip cookies.  I thought it was a good idea.  Well, they certainly are MINTY, and they are kind of flat for my liking...

What do you think?  Does this qualify as a Man, Woman, Wild situation?

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