Monday, September 19, 2011

First REI Garage Sale!

This past weekend Chris and I went to Fort Collins for some errands in the "Big City".  It sounds funny, but now that we're in little old Rifle, Colorado, we really do need to plan one or more weekends a month to visit a city.

This past weekend, the city of choice was Fort Collins where there was an REI garage sale.

We camped on the sidewalk (that way we'd be first in line and we didn't have to pay for a hotel).  It was our first married camping experience and our first time camping with Lexie.  Lexie did really well for the first two hours, and then another camper arrived and Lexie never settled down again.  After that she slept in the truck while Chris and I were in the tent.

At REI, I had my first garage sale experience (truly one of a kind)... the below pictures show the crowd that had gathered while we were sleeping...

More in the adventures of marriage... when my husband returned from putting things back, this is what he looked like... somehow he missed the putting things BACK concept!

Chris and I used a number of gift cards at Bed, Beth and Beyond to finish off our kitchen needs/wants.  We walked out of the store with store credit instead of paying anything.  :-D

Lastly, we went to lunch at one of Chris' favorite restaurants in another birthday celebration.  We ate at a Brazilian restaurant where they come around with parts of the meal on swords and they cut you off pieces.  It's like a buffet but the meal comes to you instead of you going to the meal.  

It was really fun -- plus we got to watch Michigan State LOSE to Notre Dame.  Now, generally speaking, I don't want to see either of these teams win, but in this case, because of Michigan's standings, I wanted Notre Dame to win -- and they did.  :-D

This week, I am so excited because Kelly Joy just got University of Michigan material and she's going to make me a headband and hair clip.  I am SOOO excited... stay tuned to see them!

What did you do this weekend?

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