Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dream Wedding: Girls Getting Ready

Today I thought I'd share some fun pictures of the "getting ready" part of Chris and my wedding day.  If you remember, we ran a race first thing in the morning... then we ran home for a quick shower (okay, we drove home for a quick shower... haha) and then zipped to The Creative Edge Salon for pedicures, hair and makeup!
 All of my bridesmaids, my mom and I all got pedicures... here are Liz, Meghan and baby Remy
 Here are Kelley (my maid of honor) and Becky (Chris' sister -- now my sister too!)
 And Momma and me... Mom has already had her hair done!
These are my toes being painted after my feet were rubbed and pampered!  Best way to start my wedding day... after a 5K road race of course.
Leah was an awesome friend and baby-sitter for Remy who got to hang out with us all morning.
A beautiful shot of Becky!
 Here I am holding Remy... because I thought it might be the last time I'd be comfortable holding a baby that day -- what with the white dress and cathedral length veil and all.
 I love this little girl!
Next was makeup time for Mom and me while the girls got their hair done...

I think this shot is hilarious... mom and her makeup gal are checking out my makeup and giving their opinion.  Really, you can only trust your mom for a truly honest opinion on your wedding day.  :-D  (I love you, Momma!)

Meanwhile, the beautiful bridesmaids had their hair done.  My request was "Anyway you want your hair that is something special... something you would not do in everyday life.  Other than that, be comfortable."

 "My momma is looking so beautiful!"
 Here's Remy's Momma -- or her hair at least
My mother-in-law also had her hair done and then all the girls did each other's makeup while I was finishing up with my hair...
And I had my hair done -- as you can see, my hair is INCREDIBLY straight.  Karen had her work cut out for her to make my hair fully of relaxed ringlets.

... and adding the Veil!

 Since the veil was cathedral length... so like 10 feet long, once it was in my hair, I had to remember to take care of it the rest of the day... "Oh yeah, I have to wear a veil on my arm like a sleeve, and oh, yeah, its also attached to my head... as if I didn't have enough other things on my mind today."  :-D
Something I should mention is that throughout the months leading up to my wedding, I enjoyed trying on the dress... but there was serious drama regarding the dress.  It was my sister's dress and it was new in 1988, so there were alterations and old lace and sequins, etc.  There were quite a few emotional, stressful tears shed over the dress.
But the veil... every time I put the veil on, my eyes filled with tears of joy, tears of disbelief, tears that I really was a beautiful bride about to marry the man of my dreams in the wedding of my dreams surrounding by my closest friends and family.
This veil was one of my favorite parts of my wedding outfit!

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