Thursday, September 15, 2011

As of Late: September

I cannot believe it is already time for the September "As of Late", although, to be fair, the third Thursday of September is coming really early this month.  I so enjoy this monthly activity hosted by Critty Joy.  Feel free to head over to her blog and join for yourself.
  • As of late, I've been trying new recipes and using our new kitchen wedding presents to cook with and for my wonderful husband.  Last night I used our bread machine for the first time, and the bread was delicious... just a little flat.  I'm hoping it will rise better next time.
  • As of late, Chris and I are feeling more settled in our little house... less boxes and more general organization, although we still have some work to do in the basement.  One step at a time and stay grateful.
  • As of late, I have been THRILLED to have MICHIGAN FOOTBALL back!!!  Michigain is 2-0 this season with Brady Hooke as the new coach.  The Notre Dame v. Michigan game was AMAZING last weekend.  An epic game for the ages.  These are the games that produce legends.  I LOVE Michigan football!  Thank you for coming back into my life!  And, I have to say, Michigan football is even better married.  :-D

  • As of late, I've learned how to mow our lawn.  Would you believe I had never mowed a lawn before this month?  Now I've done it twice and our little yard looks beautiful.
  • As of late, I've been having fun with wedding pictures both professional and those taken by friends.  I've made a little photobook for my Grandmother and Chris and I are going to visit her in Arizona next weekend.  She was unable to attend the wedding, so I hope she'll like the collection of pictures I have for her.

  • As of late, I have been DRIVING!!!  I average 650 miles each week and I'm FEELING it.  My drive is beautiful, and I enjoy my books on tape, but I have to be careful not to get drowsy because they are tiring.
  • As of late, I'm back to drinking coffee... it was a necessity with the driving.
  • As of late, I have been at the shooting range.  Yes, Chris and I bought a rifle for me for this upcoming hunting season.  I felt it was an important purchase, if I really am going to do this hunting thing, because Chris' guns are all too big and heavy for me.  This rifle is a youth model, so it actually fits me and it is light enough that I have control of it.  I named her "Annie" -- because in order to use it, I try to channel the great red-headed, hot shot, Annie Oakley.

  • As of late, I have been trying to be more disciplined in a number of areas of my life.
  • As of late, Chris and I have been staying-tuned and praying for his brother and my sorority sister who met at our wedding... and are still in contact.  He is going to visit her next weekend.  They remind Chris and me of us in the start of our relationship, and it has been a fun thing to watch continue.  Only the Lord knows what is in their future, which is comforting.
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  1. Adore your glad you and Chris are getting settled in and you are enjoying cooking.

    I like listening to books when I have long drives too... it's very enjoyable.

    Enjoy your visit with your grandma...she is going to adore those photos!

    You named your gun Annie... fantastic! When I was young and read a story about her I so wanted to be her ;)

    How sweet that two people met at your wedding... and have two people praying for them that understand as they move forward!

    So glad you could join this month Brooke... it is always so nice to catch up with your as of lates.

  2. Delightful as of lates! That's a LOT of driving. Praying for traveling mercies, and WONDERFUL books to enjoy :)

    Enjoyed this!

  3. Having a little giggle picturing you as Annie Oakley! :) So glad that married life is marvelous (though no surprise here). Thank you for your sweet words on my post today. I can't believe it's been five years either. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend through it - you were always praying and encouraging and it made a difference. :)

  4. I am so happy that you and Chris are settling into your new life together. The wedding picture is beautiful and I am sure the book will be loved and cherished. I am intrigued by the hunting...can't wait to hear more.
    Have a great week!


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