Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Learning to Laugh

There are so many things I need to learn about how to be a helpmate to my wonderful husband.  I want to become so much better at the ways I love him and show him how much I love him and believe in him and trust him and ... Oh, I just love him so much.

In addition to all of the above, I need to learn how to laugh at myself.  I need to learn how to laugh in general... but ESPECIALLY at myself.

This morning was a great example.  I am in the bedroom getting dressed and Chris asks me if I have done my hair already.  I tell him yes, I have.  He then tells me that I have a big chunk of hair not cooperating with the braid concept.  Instead of laughing, I scowl like a storm cloud.
 My amazing husband laughs all the time!  I love him so much and he is always ready to laugh at everything, anything - himself, myself, our cat, our life... He is always first to see the humor of a situation.
 I want to be quick to laugh.
The Bible tells us to laugh... even the Proverbs 31 *Holy Grail of an Amazing Wife* is praised for her laughter.  And she doesn't just laugh when she is trying to sleep with a cat in a tent or when she's watching bloopers from a movie... no, she laughs at the DAYS TO COME?!?!?!  What a woman!  I still need to work on laughing at the present -- especially in the mornings.
I am so glad I'm only 3 months into this marriage, being-a-wife thing (actually, 3 months on Sunday) because I have so much I want to learn and improve upon.  Some people keep a food item in their refrigerator for 3 months... and I've been a wife for three months!  So short an amount of time and yet my world is TOTALLY different than it was 3 months ago.
I want our house to be full of sunshine for my wonderful and laughter-filled hubby!  

As I was thinking about this post and thinking about laughter, I was reminded of two things... first of all this picture my friend and sister-in-Christ and sorority sister, Mary Carol snapped before my wedding.  I don't exactly remember which one-liner joke had us laughing at this moment, but so rarely is just genuine laughter, joy and humor of my parents and me captured like it is here...
The other thing I thought of was how hard I really do laugh at bloopers.  I don't know what it is about them, but I just LAUGH so hard!!!  So, I'm hoping I can find a good one on youtube that will make you laugh below...

Here is a clip that had me laughing pretty hard from America's Funniest Home Videos (all of the bloopers clips were either too long to share or had quite a bit of swearing involved).  Some of the spills and falls are less funny than others, but I was laughing especially hard during the clips with the big bouncy balls.  Enjoy and keep laughing.

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