Thursday, September 22, 2011

Autumn Has Arrived!

Autumn has arrived in Western Colorado and Chris and I are thrilled about it!  With average temperatures in the low 40's and high 70's, we are loving this!  This is what my parents always called "great sleeping weather."

On my drive to and from schools today it was even more apparent that autumn has arrived... its just an opening act right now, but it has arrived.  Here are some very amateur pictures I shot today on my travels.  These pictures do no justice to the hint of yellow present in the canopy of these leaves...

As happy as Chris and I are with Autumn, we are headed to Arizona to 90-100* temperatures (good-bye long sleeves and tights) to see my Grandmother and a baseball game!!!  Its fun to pull some summer outfits out of my closet for one last hurrah before 6 months in hibernation.  We're taking Lexie with us, again.  We just love this girl!

You know what?!?!  I miss Caffeinated Randomness that used to happen every Friday, and it was just so fun to be random and silly and a part of a group on Fridays. Does anyone else know of a fun Caffeinated Randomness for Fridays that I can join?


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