Friday, June 23, 2017

Some Cheese

I wrote a few weeks ago about what a really great time our little family had in Vail together.  One enjoyable aspect of the trip that surprised me was watching live television.

We don't watch live television very often in our home.  With the exception of football games and baseball games, we record anything the kids, Hubby or I might want to watch, we watch them at our leisure, and fast forward all commercials.  In Vail, we brought some movies to watch, but we actually watched tuned into some live television while we were there.

I had no idea I liked the summer lineup on the Hallmark Station so much.  Not only do they show several episodes of Home Improvement back-to-back every day, but their June weekends are jam-packed with Hallmark original movies with wedding themes.  I watched some Home Improvement episodes in Vail while the kids were napping and realized how much I appreciate more of the comedy now that I'm married than I did when it originally aired in the nineties.  So now I record the Home Improvement episodes, but I also caught a few of the wedding movies.

I now pretty much record every Hallmark movie they are showing throughout this month.  All of the movies surround the theme of weddings, all are romantic comedies, all are wholesome romances that I can watch in the presence of my three-year-old, and all have happy endings.

Now, I will be honest, some of the plot lines are a little cheesy, and some of the endings are a little too picture perfect... but that's what makes such happy endings.  I am learning that I really like some cheese in my life -- as in, some cheesy, sappy, unrealistic happy endings to put a foolish smile on my face.

I get so excited each weekend for the new lineup of sappy wedding-centered movies to air because then I get to watch them during naptime while fold laundry or do the dishes during the week, and they make me so happy.

It's time I just admitted that I really love some sappy, cheesy, old fashioned happy endings. 

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