Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Preggers III: 21 Weeks

How far along?  21 weeks, 3 days

How I am feeling? With the pregnancy, I feel great... with my other three, I'm feeling a bit frazzled.

How big is the baby?  The size of an endive (whatever that is...)... 10.5 inches long, 12.5 ounces

Sleep:  I've actually been sleeping well this past week... I had been fighting a sore lower back a few weeks ago, but I seem to have turned a corner and I'm sleeping really well now.

Boy/Girl Predictions:  Well... we know our baby's gender so no need to predict here.

Baby Nicknames:  Mostly Baby although Tracey thinks we should name the baby Strawberry because like two months ago I told her the baby was the size of a strawberry... and it must have stuck because no matter what fruit or veggie I tell her the baby is now the same size as, she still thinks we should name it Strawberry.
  Best moment this week:  Having such a great time in Vail last week on our family vacation.  Also Tracey came to a doctor's appointment with me last week and she was really excited to see the baby moving on the ultrasound.

Food cravings:  Nothing in particular right now I just need to eat or I feel nauseated.

Missing:  Since before being pregnant?  That's hard to say because I was still nursing and a mother of three before being pregnant, so its not like I was having nightly cocktails at the local bar ever night before this pregnancy... not much has changed.  I guess, I am starting to notice that I miss being able to see my feet because with two toddlers and a preschooler underfoot it was easier not to step on children when I could see my feet.
Movements:  Yes, and I love them.  Mostly at night, which I'm not sure if its when the baby moves, or if I'm just so busy during the day that I don't notice them as much.  I can't feel them on the outside of my tummy yet, like with my hand, but I'm really excited for when we can feel them on the outside so Tracey can feel them.

Labor Signs:  Not yet, thankfully.
General Attitude: I don't usually think about the pregnancy on a regular basis... when I feel the baby moving or when my lower back hurts when I stand at the sink too long.

 What I am looking forward to this week:  There's a parade on Saturday that should be fun with the kids.

Milestones: We're over halfway though this pregnancy which is crazy.

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